I feel butterflies in my stomach, my cheeks are getting warm, turning into a rosy shade of pink. I am happy that I piqued your curiosity and that you would like to meet me!


For new clients, I do require a standard screening process to ensure that we are both comfortable and safe. Please provide me your full legal name, phone number (please no google voice or burner phone), two references (independent active companion) that you have seen within the last 8 months, or employment verification (your LinkedIn link (setting must be set to public), your company website that shows your full name and current position, and/or a copy of your business card). I can assure you that all the information that you provide will only be for my eyes and it will be handled very discreetly. Once you are screened and I have you verified, I will delete the information that you provided.

Book a date

To book a date with me, please feel free to 💌 email me with the standard screening information, thanks so much! I am excited to see where this adventure takes us!