• Mutual respect, discretion, and understanding is required.

  • Please place my consideration in an unsealed envelope on the counter of the bathroom at the beginning of our date or if it's an incall, please do the same once you arrive. If we are in a public setting, please place it in a book or a gift bag. Please be respectful and do not make me ask for my consideration.

  • Longer dates are preferred, I truly believe that the more time we share together, the deeper our connection can get and the more adventurous it can be.

  • Dates longer than 3+ hours must include an activity; drinks or dinner, an outing, or at minimum some personal downtime and room service.

  • If at any time you would like to extend our time together past our arranged time, please don't hesitate to ask. If I don't have any other engagements, I will be more than thrilled to continue. Naturally please provide the additional consideration.

  • Money is exchanged for my time and companionship only. Anything else that may or may not occur is the matter of personal choice.