Questions and Answers - Q&A

Q: Where are you based?

I am based in New York City.

Q: Do you offer incalls?

Yes, I offer incalls at a 4 to 5 star hotel usually located in midtown for a minimum of 2 hour dates. If there is an area that you prefer, I will try my best to accommodate you. Advanced bookings are highly appreciated and recommended.

Q: How discreet are you?

I find it extremely important to be discreet. What happens during our time together should only be between us. I want to create a natural safe space for you to feel comfortable enough to trust me. If signing a non-disclosure agreement puts your mind at ease, I am more than happy to sign one. 

Q: Do you do duos?

Yes, I do. I find duos to be extremely sensual with the right chemistry and girl friend involved. I have beautiful girl friends that might intrigue your curiosity that I can introduce to you to or if you have someone on your mind that you think we will be compatible, please do let me know!

Q: I would love for you to travel with me or to me, what should I expect?

I am ecstatic that you would like for me to travel to you or with you! I do require and prefer to fly first class (within the U.S.) / business class (outside of the U.S.) and book my own flights. I may ask for a separate bedroom depending on how well we know each other.  If this is our first date, I will need my own hotel room for the time I am with you. Depending on how much fun we are having, ideally I would greatly appreciate at least 6 hours of sleep per night and an hour and a half of alone time to freshen up per day, however I am flexible ;-].

Q: Can you be my reference?

Of course! If we have met within the last 8 months and you thought our date went great, feel free to use me as your reference. No need to ask, I am more than happy to be one!

Q: Are your rates negotiable?

No, my rates are non-negotiable. Please keep in mind that by asking me may terminate our friendship.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

I understand that life happens and you may need to cancel. I would need at least a 24 hour notice of cancellation. I am very understanding and if you are someone that I have seen before I will let it go the first time you cancel as I truly believe in second chances, but if dates are cancelled within 24 hours the second time, there will be a 50% cancellation fee to reschedule our next date.

If you have any questions you are curious about and would like to ask me, feel free to 💌 email me.